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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Glenn Martens, creative director of Y/Project

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Interview with glenn martenswhy is the best yet to come?the essence of reality will, i hope, regain its strength, and will also be rediscovered in design and through designers who have something to say it is not only about following hipsters and influencers. what do we want? what do i want? who am i? what represents me? maybe buying in a more conscious way. how do we reinvent ourselves?the whole system has been challenged. why do we need to have four, six, eight collections per year? we are in a luxury market that drives creativity, craftsmanship and beauty. these things need time to grow and to develop. so, the idea is to put a brake on this system and to make people appreciate the work again. what will be the fashion of tomorrow?i hope the fashion of tomorrow will return to craftsmanship, to beauty, to a concept, to having this really fabulous side that fashion had historically, the precious side. what about “better – differently – less” in fashion?this will be the future reality. we’ve just seen fashion brands that have had to work at homewithout a studio, only by facetime, which is extremely interesting. it’s logical that we won’t have a collection as elaborate as what we’ve had previously. the idea of less is more will be slightly obligatory and imposed, but which again does good, it is an occasion to do a product which is a little more elaborate, more achieved. a written word to define #thebestisyettocomeit’s a heart, we have to love and respect everyone around us.