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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Stéphanie Calvino, founder of Anti_Fashion Project

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Interview stéphanie calvinowhy is the best yet to come?over the past five years, with anti_fashion project,we’ve seen a lot of changes.if i had to summarise #thebestisyettocome,it would be the industrial relocationand the importance of humans much more than before. i am very optimistic about the coming decades.i really believe that things will change,the system will be reformed. how do we reinvent ourselves?today, what we are doing at a small level is revolutionising both the fashion industry and social dimension.i think we really need to open up to that. what about a 100% digital fashion?it’s only a tool. with a fabric in hand, this feeling of a touch can’t be removed.we have to use the digital to exploit it today, through very advanced research systems.but we must never forget that human beings are at the centre of all this.what about #better – differently – less in fashion? it’s important to stop overproducing textiles for nothing, to just store them and for the consumer, it’s essential to become aware of this and stop buying 10 t-shirts at primark for 3 euros. what will constitute a luxury in the future?the luxury houses are important both in terms of csr (corporate social responsibility), regarding the development and cleaner materials, and also in terms of the craftmanship. the majority of big luxury brands already have processes, know-how and materials. there is a respect of the product.what is your next challenge?we have relaunched an atelier in roubaix of more than 1000 square meters, with more than 200 people who have been working on the mask production for the past fortnightthe idea is to continue and to relocate the textile manufacturing in roubaix it would be a nice nod to this city that, in the past, contributed heavily to the textile industry in france. a written word to define the future of fashionhuman