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Hogan, discovery of the new more urban and responsible collection

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A new collection for hogan and a return to the city after an escape to distant lands. focus on a more urban line and on new varnished materials, the faux fur shopping bags and the new proposal of flat or heeled moccasins with rubber soles.sneakers are always present, revisited for the men in a city spirit with a patina effect and with a more sportswear touch in neoprene. a collection of outerwear clothes is added to the line of shoes to complete the silhouette with puffa coats and protective jackets with oversized volumes and made from recycled materials. interview sergio azzolari :every year we embark on a journey, and this year is all about going back to an urban environment but in a smart city. we have to do products that are smart by nature so that you can wear it anytime, anywhere and you feel at ease with it and that’s exactly the angle.we brought like scuba diving into shoes, so scuba diving materials into the shoes, we brought recycled duvet, so like down jackets that are actually recycled fabrics. the smarter city is all about responsibility as well so you have to be responsible for the planet around you and everyone can contribute so this is our way to contribute to things anyway. if you design a smart product that can have a longer use, is longer lasting, so you have less waste in a way, and that’s also a path to sustainability, so yes you can use certain materials but you can still use traditional materials and still be sustainable.we sort of invented the sneakers, the hybrid sneakers, you can wear under a jacket or in any kind of shape and form because it’s also an attitude.my aim is also to detach ourselves from the specialisation of shoes, obviously shoes are our bread and butter but we want to be more and more a lifestyle brand.