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The accessory in vogue: the crinkled leather Duren bag

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A trompe l’oeil effect for this innovative concept of the duren label founded by the japanese masaki matsukawa, around accessories made from crinkled leather.(interview)the texture that is only created in japanese ateliers has an astonishing aestheticism and gives a desire to touch and handle it continuously. the founder immediately wanted to go further by collaborating with various international artists, the latest being benoit pierre emery. (interview)a favourite for this shop located in the marais in paris, where we can see the different collections with one capsule called “fake”, with references to the colours and logos of big fashion houses. interview with masaki matsukawa:we take 0.4mm of cow leather the thinner part and then we add a layer of aluminium and it’s that that gives this crinkled effect and the duren concept. the idea was to express manliness. i thought that leather represented a certain masculinity. but using only leather remained rather unoriginal. so, to provide something more, we invented a new material called crinkled leather using a japanese technique. the crinkled leather represents both masculinity and also the philosophy of “made in japan”. the japanese are very gifted artisans and they are known world-wide for making quality products, but they sometimes lack creativity. in my opinion, to be able to present something of very high quality, “made in japan”, it’s necessary to mix the japanese know-how with the creative power of international artists.