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Focus on the new label Mazarine and a meeting with its designer (with interview)

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After obtaining a degree at central saint martins, the famous fashion school in london, and working with the anoushka label, hélène timsit decided to launch mazarine three years ago, a creative and well-thought-out wardrobe, with a sleek and contemporary style, bold cuts and exclusive prints… she presented her spring-summer 2020 collection in the palais de tokyo during the latest paris fashion week. interview with hélène timsit:what interests us is to explore each season with something quite narrative. we always like to tell stories so every season we work on a theme that is either inspired by a book or a movie, so we always have something rather narrative in our collections. we have been working on the idea of an infinite city, on a futuristic side that is unique to new york. we were inspired by a writer called paul auster who has written a lot about new york and writing, so that’s why in the collection we have all these prints, writings and manuscripts with erasures, so it was bit of a starting point of the collection. we really like lines that are waves so that’s really the thing that comes up very often in the collections. we always have curved lines, we see some of them on the pieces and we also worked on a lot of small pieces so a sort of puzzle…which really corresponds to the idea of a city that has a mix of many different things, so that’s our idea. i would say that one of our distinctive features is that we try to work with materials that are in fact the materials that we buy from big fashion houses. it’s interesting for us because actually these are very particular and special materials and at the same time we give them something a little less conformist, i think that’s important.