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Talent: Savoar Fer brand

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Savoar fer, created by the young swiss based in paris, eliane heutschi is a brand belonging to the support programme (designers apartment) developed by the fashion and haute couture federation in paris, which allowed her to present her work in the palais de toyko during last fashion week.interview with eliane heutschi:every collection uses a different type of craft, out of date expertise, or one that has a strong image leaning in a certain direction. often, craft is undervalued, for example in this collection we repair clothes. in the past, our mothers learnt how to repair and fix clothes, and today not many people do it, however the technique is beautiful, so i used this embroidery machine like a “hands free” embroidery and it’s become like a design on fabrics.i find that the design evokes emotions when we have irregularities like happy accidents that move us, and this is why i use iconic pieces. i work on the lines of denim jackets and suits because it’s the lines that affect us both, so the outdated suit and expertise become contemporary.music from the show