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Marco de Vincenzo - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: marco de vincenzoinspiration: the designer took inspiration from his childhood memories, his holidays in sicily and his american aunt’s journey to italy with clothing that completely contrasts italian fashion.collection: delicate and feminine, mixed with some athletic references. baby doll black lace dresses are worn over a colorful base, polos are reinterpreted in yellow mesh and are printed with a child’s toy. black is the predominant colour. spaghetti strap mini dresses are entirely embroidered with sequined fringes. wide legged masculine trousers contrast with thin lace tops. denim is embroidered with glitter. the end result is modern and bright with a dramatic sicilian side and america’s optimism.note: big crosses around the neck and clips that holds hair in a bun.interview :marco de vincenzo : for the third season, i started from childhood memories, i think it’s more fun to start from something that is my real life and sicily is a very important destination for me, this season especially i thought about an old aunt living in us who spent many, many holidays summer holidays with us, and it was a nice story about the conflict about their way of life. she looked very, very different from us because she was very eccentric, very american she was living in california.so the story is about that combination of some cliché from scilly for example black socks and the cross and black of the sicilian women, and very sweet palate colour card, some little doll that becomes a print on a dress.i like to play with iconic pieces of the feminine wardrobe and to reinvent it in my way. there is a lot of black, that for me is unusual because i like multicolour, but it is an apparent boring black because it’s transparent, there are many, many multi-coloured crystals covering this kind of new black. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).