Moschino - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Milan (with interview)

Artistic Director: Jeremy ScottAmbiance: A couturier's studio in the background. The designer pays tribute to couture, Parisian women and great designers such as Yves Saint Laurent.Collection: A collection that makes way for very elegant pieces with sketches scribbled on fabrics, worn from head to toe. Cuts on pieces are impeccable with fitted silhouettes. The designer offers a series of suits and cocktail dresses for the day. On the podium we can see basics worn by a casting of dreams.Nostalgic references with an image of the Moschino bear that we see as a symbol on casual beach outfits.For the evening, let’s have fun with items embezzled with couture utensils, as the scissor dress, another covered entirely with needles, one wrapped in a tape measure and one made with a roll of material.Focus on: The wedding dress with a train of butterflies worn by Gigi Hadid who closes the show with magic.Note: Bags decorated with sketches as well as some plastic bags with Moschino logos on.Interview with Jeremy Scott:Yeah, so I was just thinking about the fashion and the fashion system and how everything is going so fast now, and it’s so sped up and we have a collection and then another collection and then we have you know a capsule collection then there’s a cruise collection and then there’s a special drop and the daubery and then this thing and that thing… So then I thought I’m just not ready this season, all I can only do is give you my sketches, the coup de croquis, c’est coup de croquis, je suis désolé, je suis pas prêt! So I played with that concept so that’s why I did everything basically on a white base and if it’s a black you know smocking, it’s a sketched black, it’s not fully black you know I wanted to play with really all the archetypes of the “femme parisienne” you know like this idea of like the hat, the sophistication, this kind of look, this glamour.You see the atelier of the designer, so I was very inspired by the thought or Mr. Saint Laurent’s atelier which was such a minimal, clean white minimal, because mines not that way, mines very chaotic and I wanted to kind of play with this idea and then all the things that come alive the scissors that become la robe scissors, you know you have the gold needles and the thimble hat and all the pieces and tools of the trade, the tape measure and the dress form comes alive.So with the bride, I wanted it to be like a fairy tale, you know you have this wedding dress and this moment as if in Cinderella like the butterflies collect the train and they undulate as she walks down the aisle to be married to her prince charming. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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