JEM, The ethical jewellery brand

Since 2010, jewellery house JEM takes a new look at the jewellery sector and has transformed it by integrating transparency and eco-responsibility. Following on from ethical gold, the innovative house is developing a cultured diamond which is entirely respectful of humans and nature! With interview of Perrine Wullens, Project manager :JEM signifies ‘ethical minded’ jewellery, and despite the Anglophone name, it’s really about being a French jewellery house, and we talk of ethics in relation to the primary materials that we principally use to create our jewellery, one part gold, and it’s from ethical gold that our house was really born after meeting a label called ‘Fairmined’, which attests to a mineral extraction of gold which is both respectful to mankind and the environment. So for the first time, we’ve put diamonds into our collections. Still with this desire to engage ethically, we made the choice of having a cultured diamond otherwise known as ‘a synthetic diamond’ which is a real diamond but it’s been made in a lab, meaning that it has the same optical, physical and chemical properties of mined diamond but without all the slightly disastrous impacts that unfortunately mined diamonds can still cause today. There’s a lot of work for us and our brand to do on teaching methods and education, and whilst there’s also labs which are there to accompany us, we also have to make it clear that it’s not a vulgar ‘imitation’ that we’re not using zircon for small faux things but that it’s a real gem with the same title as a mined diamond which has simply been reproduced in a lab. It’s true that traditionally, jewellery is cultivated with little criticism, it’s a bit of a mystery, but us, we’re the opposite, we’re going to try and be more transparent, to give as much information as possible to be aware of where our jewellery is coming from.

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