Guillaume Henry leaves Nina Ricci: Five silhouettes to remember from his time at the house (with interview)

After several rumours during Fashion Week, it’s official: Guillaume Henry is leaving Nina Ricci where he’s been Creative Director since 2014. Here are the five silhouettes to remember from his time at the Puig-owned French House. 1. Firstly, the lace and lingerie, very Nina Ricci and that Guillame knew how to work perfectly. 2. Next: leather. Sublime in each show, developed in different ways, supple, bright, chic. 3. Without forgetting sequins, many each time, created like raindrops, becoming almost liquid on the dresses for a guaranteed effect. 4. Masculinity, the touch of sportswear filled with femininity. 5. Finally a wink to his latest show, Autumn/Winter 2018, blending materials and volumes for a woman who is as confident as ever. Interview with Guillaume Henry: I’m pleased that you mentioned lightness, softness because for me those are the words we associate and that I personally associate with Nina Ricci, now I’m someone who also likes structure, who likes pieces with sleeves, who likes a masculine wardrobe and when you associate these words and things that I like working on, that makes me very happy. And I like that there’s a rigorous shape but after that, I want it to breathe, the shirts to be already unbuttoned, the dresses to be already split.A kind of confidence and fragility, that’s the Nina Ricci woman. Music Bandit & Nikit - 2018

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