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Marco de Vincenzo Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: marco de vincenzoinspiration: a catwalk studded with coloured sequins for a luminous wardrobe which echoes this brightness. the inspiration comes from tv screens. the designer makes reference to childhood memories and his frustration when he would turn on his tv set, only to find it no longer worked. collection: stemming from a palette of colours and motifs inspired by colour bars, a ‘no signal’ inscription is written on the shirts and diamond motifs appear on faux fur. but there is also a band of lurex, the designer’s signature on a pixilated face on a jumper, knitwear that unbuttons at the sleeves and small pleated dresses checked or with geometric motifs.to note: the quilted shawl and the long striped puffer with glittering shards + the stripes found on front of a straight coat and the sixties spirit with bell bottom trousers. interview with marco de vincenzo: tv, and the moment when i was a child when the tv was disconnected and turned off, and i was always thinking ‘well now what am i going to do?’ and it was the perfect opportunity to discover something new. the collection is dedicated to that moment when you feel very strange because your mobile is broken or doesn’t work, and you say “okay, it’s time to go to a museum”, to learn about life by simply living. colours, patterns the glittering, the faces are about me. my style is always the same because i am the same person but there’s a message and the message is to live, not protest something, but live your life and go outside and maybe with a little embroidered bag, with a rainbow flag on, just to say “okay, i think this way, i love fashion and by dressing myself i give a message to the world”. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the righ to information)