JW Anderson Show- Men's and Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in London.

Designer : Jonathan AndersonInspiration : for his own label, the designer (who is also Creative Director of Loewe), takes time to reposition himself and shows menswear and womenswear together, clarifying that this will be the case from now on, with only two shows a year. A personal collection, with desirable clothes, where comfort works with personality. Collection: fluid and modern for dresses which are zipped or knotted at the front, skirts with pointed ends, cashmere prints, rounded tops and jumpers with the ends and sleeves rolled up for an added effect. The men are at ease in their black leather trousers, their pocketed jeans or their cargo pants tight at the calf. On top, he can opt for a trench or a navy pea coat, daring the jumper with original detailing like the head of a rabbit with ears made to look like a broche, alternatively there’s the colourful tie poking out of a jumper for a trompe l’œil effect. To note: the sequined dresses with a gradient of colour, the details of the accessories such as the ‘donut’ key ring, the new ‘it-bag’ with shoelaces going up the sides and of course, the new collaboration with Converse. Music from the show (for use only on context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

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