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Marco de Vincenzo - Spring/Summer Show 2018 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : marco de vincenzoatmosphere: an outdoor show, under the arches of the magnificent sforza castle. collection: a homage to italy and to sicily. a versatile summer collection with long t-shirts knotted at the sides, fluid skirts with optical patterns, multi-fringed coloured dresses. a clash of colours and the use of unexpected materials make for a mixed casual wardrobe of day and night pieces. to note: lurex meshing, the neoprene jacket, the pleated trousers, the fishnet tank top under dresses with straps and the numerous accessories: fur flip flops, rhinestone mesh socks, printed suitcases and bags, bicolored retro glasses.marco de vincenzo : it’s all about that kind of freedom you feel, especially in summer, to wear something that’s in harmony, that maybe has a lot of clashes but it’s real. after a long day at the beach, and you realise there’s 15minutes to change, you keep your tee shirt and you wear it and fit it with a very precious evening skirt. something that happens to everybody today. colours are always my starting point because they give me power. today i’m wearing a red tee shirt just because the colour gives me an attitude, sometimes a colour can be enough to change your mood, your feeling. that’s why i love colours so much. it’s sicily because it’s what i never forget, it talks about my childhood, and it’s the first time i talk about myself in a certain way. it was very nice and exciting because it’s different and it’s more close to you. every piece in this collection talks about me and my story. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).