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Michael Kors Show- Men's and Women's collection 2018 in New York (with interview)

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Designer: michael korsatmosphere: a desire for escapism at michael kors where women and men showed together, walking down a catwalk constructed from wooden planks.collection: the prints, the lightness of the materials and the pastel colours create a soft and tranquil mood in the relaxed cloakroom of michael kors. even the suits are worn loose and casually. the sequined evening dresses are chic, not flashy. a jacket or long sweater warm up a fluid dress, a tee shirt dress, and loose trousers printed with foliage or a somewhat blurred pattern. the colours are faded. an oversized shirt is tied at the waist and worn with an entirely sequined long length skirt. the dresses are worn as sarongs, jackets wrapped around the body. to note: a heterogeneous casting, consisting of older stars such as carolyn murphy, but also women of different sizes as well as the new generation of models with their graceful silhouettes. interview with michael kors:i kept thinking this was about the blend between big city and escapist fantasy so is it beverly hills or bora bora? is it manhattan, is it malibu? it’s a very barefoot glamour. flip flops but the flips flops are crocodile or metallic. evening dresses that feel like tee shirts and sarongs. when i travel, i’m so tired of seeing women on a friday night wearing a dress that’s so tight they can’t move in it, shoes they can’t walk in, clothes they can’t hail a cab in. so we wanted to take all of that away and think about sexy in a much softer way. things that unwrap, things that move in the wind. even the tailoring has that easy, relaxed mood.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).