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Hermès Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018

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Artistic director: véronique nichanian collection: sophisticated casual, focused on volumes and contrasting colours with graphic detailing and pattern.focus on: the jackets, hooded or ribbed, shirts, parkas and toilbright trousers with micro-chevrons.on the top-stitching of the jackets and cotton suit trousers, on the chain pattern covering lamb jackets, and an oversized shirt, or a crew-neck sweater.to note: loose trousers and bermuda shorts with elasticated waist for optimal relaxation.+ or the high-wasted narrow trousers.+ the running hems of the shirts and the embossed effects of some jackets. véronique nichanian: a casual sophistication found in the colours, the materials, as well as the proportions. for me, it’s a new energy and a new elegance.the toilbright is actually an exclusive material that i made with small chevrons in very vibrant fabrics, a little unexpected, in bright green, red or black, mixed with navy blue for the evening to emphasize the vibrations of the hermès red, of the cinnamon and of the blue. these shocks of colours give a certain vibrating energy.the nautical chain is something that takes us from collection to collection, from season to season. this is something that i love and, have had developed by our leather ateliers, and inlayed on jackets. it is an exceptional work of meticulousness, and i am very proud of the work done by our ateliers, whether it’s with lamb, with metis, it is really a work of marquetry. so, we even have crocodile, lamb, and metis.lilian thuram: listen, it’s quite incredible because it’s always so, so elegant, and so poetic. actually, it’s funny because we want everything. then, if sometimes there are things which are effectively distanced from our own style, well, here, i see myself in all of these styles. but it’s really beautiful that you see outfits like these.guillaume gallienne: i have loved véronique nichanian’s work for a long time, and we can see, amongst others, a casual sophistication. there are different tones, it’s quite energetic, and there’s a colour palette evocative of spices. what struck me was that i told myself that the summer really belongs to us.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)