The jewelry student from the Central Saint Martins school in London challenged by the Chaumet house.

It’s in London, in the famous art school Central Saint Martins, which has seen many famous designers, where the house of Chaumet gave a task to the jewelry students. The aim: Challenge them to imagine the diadem of tomorrow.( Interview )And the big winner of this challenge: Scott Armstrong. This young English student was inspired by a book on French gardens. ( Interview )The reward : to see his diadem made real and to even follow its creation in the Chaumet ateliers, in Place Vendôme, Paris. A unique creation, a symbol of the 21st century, highlighted for the first time at the Chaumet exhibition in Beijing and a magical way to reclaim the past in order to invent the future.Interviews :Jean-Marc Mansvelt :The winner is … Scott Armstrong !Scott Armstrong :This sort of imagery of the floor plans and this macro scale taking the nature on this macro scale I found absolutely fascinating, there is symmetry running through it, you have these lines which are regular and predictable and then all of a sudden it throws you off and you get these little bits of details, when you look at it with your eye, it runs along with it and then all of a sudden it gets taken off in a different direction and I think that’s absolutely beautiful. I always hoped that I would be lucky enough to work for one of the big French houses, one of the big Parisian houses. Music free of rights / Bandit & Nikit / 2017

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