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Jean Paul Gaultier - Haute Couture collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer : jean paul gaultier inspiration: the city girl and the country girlcollection: first the city side with fitted waists with supported shoulders. the black jumpsuit knotted at the front, the navy style blouse is all embroideredthe next part is full of nature with an abundance of colours and flowers, daisies, hibiscus, poppies or sunflowers completely imprinted on the light crepe or jersey dresses. jean paul gaultier works the strips, they are knotted, braided and revealed in fringes, up until the bouquet of golden wheat embroidered under a gold leather corset, worn by a girl with bare feet.focus on : coco rocha as a bride, arriving in a wheelbarrow with her beloved.to note : hairstyles with thick braids and wheat in the hairinterviews:jean paul gaultier the collection starts as if we are in the city, a parisian for example, a city slicker in men’s suits in quite classic colours, bit by bit touches of colour arrive and she becomes more and lore coloured, more and more fluid, after having been so structured, she becomes completely countrified for , at the end, there’s no makeup, bare feet and with wheat in the mouth. so it's around nature, the weather and the harvest flowers, cuts, and almost chiseling work as we use elsewhere for the flowers, leather chiseling for example, embroidery… there are also prints and brooches, for example i have taken a little hawaiian or tahiti print and i put them on other materials, i made it in crystal, silk embroidery, i did it almost in everything except in real hawaiian material. so everything became couturecoco rochaon the stage today an exciting moment again with jean paul, he always gives an opportunity for a different runway so it will be no exception this time he is the sweetest kindest man that has always helped me throughout my career, of course i would come and do any of his shows, he is a great fashion uncle, he has always been there and i am happy to come.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)