J.W Anderson Show - Menswear Collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in London

Designer : Jonathan Anderson Location : LondonSilhouette : Ample, casual, daring, worked. The large trousers or the "harem" pants fall over the shoes. The oversized jumper with XXL large sleeves which hide the hands. The coats finish with puffed woolen sleeves. The long painted shirts, can be worn as dresses. The photos and patches decorating the sweat shirts and the bomber jackets. Almost “holy” medieval images are found on some of the pieces. Focus on : the “granny square”, little multicolored crocheted squares, very popular in the 70s, which the designer scatters over this masculine collection,from the jacket sleeves, to the shoes and accessories. Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions