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Dries Van Noten - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interviews )

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Designer : dries van noten mood : the girls wandered between the blocks of ice enclosing bouquets of flowersazuma makoto’s poetic work. the music becomes increasingly louder, and finishes with “frozen” by madonnasilhouette : ample, comfortable, slip on dresses. working on volumes, comfort, floral prints and the always important colours. focus : the ample suit, the dresses sprinkled with flowers, the jackets with tassels at the bottom, the chic bomber jackets. colours : yellow, saffron, orange, blue.to note : the shoes with ribbons, the jeweled collars and the net veils covering the faces or black makeup around the eyes creating a mask effect. interviews:diane pernet :it was a dream, absolutely a dream, from walking in with the flower arrangements in the ice, a little hot, but the clothes were just magnificenthe’s a poet, because this is from a previous season of his and he retook the baseball bomber jacket a little, and he likes sparkle, this is him, i love driesit’s not about fashion it’s about beauty and timelessness, it’s something like, it’s like it was always yours, it’s a treasure. ellen von unwerth : it was really exciting and beautiful, very romantic, very amazingly beautiful dresses and really lovelyi loved the set with the ice and the flowers, it makes you dream and it gives you ideas for me as a photographer it’s important you know, i already have 10 ideas for stories ion my head. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)