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Trussardi : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan ( with interview )

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Artistic director : gaia trussardimood : introduction interpreted by the italian actor adriano giannini followed by a musical performance with a group of singers playing 3 melodies composed by gaia trussardiinspiration : fashion as a universal dialogue between different cultures and a specific idea of italian elegance pop and postmodern references, without forgetting tradition and craftsmanship, signature of the labelfocus : vibrant colours, iridescent, bright leather, pencil skirt with a slit and high wasted trousers + perfecto on the pleated dress and draped at the waist + fluid suede jacket and dungarees in light suede + fringed top and jacket. interview with gaia trussardi : it’s like musical actually, and i got inspired by the postmodern cinema like buzz luhrmann and his way of depicting culture and because of my obsession with post modernism and the chaos of styles and sub cultures, nowadays we don’t have any more sub cultures attached to a style it’s more like a supermarket of living and i wanted to create a subculture inside the fashion industry, luxurious fashion industry, and i called it elegantly pop.the style is like a new york uptown woman who is bourgeois and elegant but picks up elements from gym and training clothes, for example, but makes them in a luxurious wayclothes that are classic and beautiful and timeless but translated in a pop way, a very pop way, so a lot of colour, shiny prints, they’re joyful and pop, pop is the right word. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)