Parisian Haute Couture : Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain and Céline Dion, stars of the front row! ( with interviews)

They caused the photographer's cameras to flash and they parted crowds, the stars dazzled Parisian haute couture... and answered our questions! With interviews from Cate Blanchett ( at Giorgio Armani Privé), Jessica Chastain ( at Chanel) and Céline Dion, (at Dior)Interview with Cate Blanchett:I think it always amazes me as I work in theatre, so you have this incredible series of artisans, and people working so hard for a five minute moment. They’re all so hard working they’re on to the next collection already. I think you’re always looking for the core of the idea, and that’s why I think couture is so important, is because it has an influence on the silhouettes and the look and the vision for all of the other layers of a house. Interview with Jessica Chastain: Sometimes we forget how many hours go into each piece, that every bead is hand stitched and it was wonderful to have them acknowledged in this way. I felt the time that was spent on each incredible piece. Interview with Céline Dion: It’s total femininity, it makes women beautiful, and it helps us to be the best of ourselves. I’m an artist, I love to look art, whether that be painting, jewelry, clothing, theatre, singing, it helps us to transform ourselves and helps us to perform. We take on personalities for ourselves through the clothing that is suggested to us and then we are transported elsewhere. For me, my last fashion show was 20 years ago, more than 20 years, and so I don’t go all the time, but when I do I appreciate it enormously. I think that the dream is far from us unfortunately, with everything that is going on in the world, violence, hate, all that, and as for couture, it needs to let itself be carried by the dream and haute couture rightly helps us to realise that the dream still exists, you need to believe in it, and if you can let yourself, well why not. Music royalty free / Bandit & Nikit - 2016

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