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Dries Van Noten - MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: dries van noteninspiration: belgian designer also starts to question himself with regards to the many changes in fashion and the world today. it comes down to what he likes to do (research textures, patchwork of fabrics, craft, etc.) while looking into the future silhouette: loose, slender, elegant, sportswear... the new dries man is a chic, urban adventurer. he even wears loose trousers gathered at the waist with a knit tank top, dares a double breasted jacket with bermuda shorts, slips on the loose and fluid coat, silver tunic, a sweater embroidered with fringed threads...focus on: craftsmanship: macramé, threads fringed by hand, embroidery, tapestry, patchwork of fabrics.+ coat made from 200 pieces of different fabricsnote: reversible coats & bombers + the silver touch and the black vinyl for the futuristic – urban side with interview from dries van noten:it was really about craft, it was looking again to what fashion is, the whole industry of fashion and seeing where i want to go. in the music that you heard there was one sentence which was really a sign that we are on the edge of the future and we have to make a decision of where we want to go and for me it was really important to make a collection which was very close to my heart. i also reviewed a lot of things that i did in the past but i didn’t review them just to make them again, i really wanted to push them to the future. we started from the invitation like a little ceramic piece handmade in clay with a hand printed invitation in it. all these things like the fabrics are very important this season, they were a challenge to use again, handmade fabrics, hand woven linens, tops printed with modern technology and then all the patchworks all the elements together were made completely by hand. so it is all fragments of pieces of tapestry mixed with camouflage, it was 200 little pieces of fabric all pieced together then topstitched together by a hand machine and then taped and then pieced together as a big coat. music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show