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A sentimental education at the Chaumet Museum

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Love and feeling in all its forms and colours and more precisely in the jewels. this is the theme chosen by chaumet who, for its second exhibition in its museum, place vendôme, invites us to a “sentimental education”. (interview)an opportunity to discover the treasures of the house like the necklace dating back 2 centuries and that belonged to empress josephine, who asked chaumet to transform the ancient intaglios and cameos into jewellery. (interview)then through a keyhole, there’s a warm, beating heart; a room leading to the wings of desire. (interview)without forgetting the present time and this limited edition on sale, specially made for the context of this exhibition, composed of a cuff and a ring. (interview)interview from jean-marc mansvelt:the title “a sentimental education” is a wink to gustave flaubert and to romanticism; a great period of time which was also a great era for the chaumet house. so the title unites the aim of this place and its exhibitions with of course the first significant expressive period and meaningful jewellery. it’s a beautiful piece of josephine’s, a more intimate piece than just a demonstrative one which was a sign of power. this is beautiful, delicate, gracious work, with strong femininity and these pieces have never been shown to the public before. every time, it’s surprisingly the same, meaning there is savoir-faire prowess but there is also this incredible modernity. we say “my god” that piece dates back 2 centuries but carries with it so much freshness.the flight of love and passion brought to its climax; for me the richness of this heritage was really a great discovery, the beauty of the filiation of pieces that we show with rené lalique’s drawings, is my real soft spot. for the exhibition, we actually create pieces for this place and exhibition, in limited editions and which are truly for our customers, a testimony of a moment of an emotion.music free of right: bandit & nikit