Schiaparelli Fashion show- Haute couture collection Spring/Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

Location: Hotel d'Evreux, transformed into a trattoria to dine amongst friendsDesigner: Bertrand GuyonInspiration: A Gala Dinner or tasty pleasuresFabric: Chiffon, crepe silk, raffia, ears of wheat Pattern: Spider-web graphics, fruits and vegetables, shellfish and striped fabrics.To Note: Embroideries of porcelain made in gold leaf and the many broaches that humorously adorn some pieces.Interview from Bertrand Guyon:My inspiration came from a sentence that grabbed me; I really liked it a lot. They were Elsa Schiaparelli words; she talks about the pleasure of hosting and sharing delicious food with friends.We made one dress with an ancient tablecloth, it was hunted down, we cut it, and we incrusted the cigaline. Also some work was inspired by Louise Bourgeois with patches and old cloths, which are assembled together with a more technical fabric to balance it out into something contemporary and modern.We also took the time for example to do one piece all by hand, in crochet. We found artisans who still have the savoir-faire you need, for example, people who make lucky charms in weaved straw. It is a popular art and I wanted to include this into this collection. Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

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