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Chaumet opened a temporary Museum at the place Vendôme

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The place vendôme, famous worldwide for its big jewellery houses, goes to a whole new level thanks to chaumet. undeniably one of the oldest jewellers, known for its tiaras, opens its doors to the public and reveals its heritage through a temporary museum where from now on a new exhibition will be held every 6 months. for its premiere, chaumet has chosen the theme of naturalism, through a journey highlighting the different creation and production stages of mythical jewellery. from the most ancient tiara dating back to the 1st empire to the special sprigs of wheat creations of 5 broaches and 5 rings, almost all sold in the first days of the exhibition opening…interview from béatrice de plinval:the idea of chaumet was to make its treasures, unique in parisian jewellery history, accessible to the general public. the house preserves a base of 55,000 drawings, drawn by the prize winners of the rome grand prix, and it’s very touching because we’re only relay our jobs, we relay a taste which is the one of paris and the one of chaumet and we have to share this heritage with the general public continuing into the 21st century. and chaumet, for the first time in its history shows a little part of its photographic glass plates, since the entire production of the house has been photographed since 1880. its treasures tell a story of the periods, the fashion and here we’re showing for the first time some objects that correspond to this bucolic journey.when we come here to the place vendome, when we are at chaumet, when we see the place and see what we do, i don’t know anyone who isn’t dazzled and touched. we sell a lot of dreams, we sell a lot of creations, and our creations must make people dream and we have to share this dream. music free from the right / bandit & nikit 2015