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Cédric Charlier- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

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Cédric charlier invites us to the dock’s side of the seine, a very concrete place, however, for a collection filled with softness and worked with cotton. the belt becomes the centre piece, visible or not, sitting below the fabric. the stripes on a skirt end in fringes just like the blouse. a short pearled dress, in a pink or blue powdery tone. the parka works well just by itself. the cut of everything is rounded off and the prints are wavy. the designer, inspired by curves from abstract art, wanted to freshen up everything. please note: these light dresses with delicate straps that are threaded simply, not to be forgotten for the summer. interview from: cédric charlierthe beginning of my research started with an artist called victor pasmore, he is the pioneer of abstract art in england who painted curves which to me are extremely sensual, and it made me want to bring these curves into my clothes through their cuts. the cut of something is really important to me in my work and there is an abstract part in the show too. with this in mind i had big desire to create a day silhouette mainly in cotton; i really did work with technical cotton.without constraint i really tried to do essential things. i moved away from the t-shape shoulder that had a belted or unbelted form. i like the idea of clothes that can be worn in many ways that are multi-functional, just like these belts that are in the clothing, they can be worn undone or tied up.i really wanted to do a very natural range, almost to use not primary pigments but natural ones. so you can see this through the green or this white on very light pinks or light blues. so it’s all quite soft, mostly feminine with some darker accents of green. music of the show