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Marco de Vincenzo - Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with interview)

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Lightness is important for marco de vincenzo. colour explodes on the stage. the designer proposes like always a modern wardrobe with clear femininity. the main strength of this wardrobe principally resides in the sophisticated, desired fabrics. lightness is show through muslin fringes and mesh effects. the all feathered coats generously cover the outfits. bras mould to the bust and join into a dress in macramé or in guipure. the italian designer makes some references to japan with flower and animal themes of on tops or pleated skirts. a setting sun is printed on a shirt or a dress. numerous texture mixes create the most beautiful effect. one more time, marco de vincenzo succeeds to dazzle this milan fashion week.interview from marco de vincenzo:this season there is maybe more lightness than usual and there are colours for every season, because for me, it is impossible to choose one colour. what’s the colour of the season? i don’t know. i find it very very interesting and inspiring playing with colours. i don’t have or start with any mood board or colour card, because i follow my instincts. it’s all about instinct, every collection. the fabric is so important, and the combination of different laces, georgette, leather, every outfit is so dynamic, because it’s never the same. the woman is the same but every outfit has the balance of different fabrics and elements. i don’t know exactly what the story is at the beginning. i am the first to be surprised sometimes by the results. sometimes when you want to work a lot on fabrics, it means you can lose lightness. that is not the case of this collection. i think it’s very interesting to be 3 dimensional and very rich considering we are talking about a spring/summer collection. music of the show