Vivienne Westwood Red Label- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in London with interview

Vivienne Westwood’s show begins with a rebellion in the street with the designer in mind, and signs on climate change and the inaction of politics. For several years, she takes advantage of her shows to speak and send out messages that are close to her heart. The Red Label collection at side of the stage, is where we find the essence of what made her label such a success: deconstructed dresses with a play on drapes on the front , the tailoring - Trousers in volumes and colours, a touch of sportswear with its couture designed jogging bottoms. The oldest of the English designers is connecting on all fronts - fashion, political and social - and remains an icon to follow...ITW Vivienne WestwoodWe are climate revolution, which means that if we sorted this out the climate problem would enable us to have a most brilliant world which we’re not getting were heading towards hell and destruction and mass extinction of the human race.I am here like a mad person because even the activists don’t tell everybody that it’s likely by the end of this century a bit later a bit earlier were not sure but definitely there’ll only be one billion people left. So the biggest crime of the politicians is that they pretend everything is normal. Music of the show

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