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Dries Van Noten - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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A gilded salon in the hôtel de ville in paris where the show took place seemed to perfectly reflect this new dries van noten collection. the jacquard coats are adorned with gold flowers, ending with fur or mixed with other, more simple textures like the cotton. the loose trousers are tied at the waist and feature large pockets. the jumpers, blouses and skirts finish with tassels which swing from side to side with the movement of the body. aprons are added to pieces, creating volume, and can also become light capes for evenings out. of course the signature basics of the designer are present like the kimono coat and the supple suits in a pyjama style. dries van noten continues to deploy his eclectic and chic vocabulary. to note: the midnight blue embroideries, the loose bermuda shorts, and the long leather gloves in burgundy. interview: dries van noten: it was really trying to translate the passion of the past, but in a collection that you can wear now, because it’s good to have jacquards but today you can’t wear it very easily, so i mixed it with shapes that are quite current, but also with all of the cottons, and so that easy side, so i think it’s very, very now.the skirt-capes, you can also wear them as capes, so that’s very easy, but for me it was also this kind of tying, and a nonchalant side, so like that you can make an entrance, you can dance easily, you can go out with your skirt, so why not? with this kind of skirt, you can really mix it with a lot of pieces from your own wardrobe. music from the show