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Cédric Charlier - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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Architectural lines and researched colours at cédric charlier. the pleats like stripes bring back this desire of line and structure close to the designer. the zips, v necked sweaters and quilted pieces ready to throw on bring a touch of sportswear. just like the teddy or these polo style tops. the cracked leather with a vinyl aspect appear on a coat or on a short jacket and its skirt. the fur plays with volumes, whereas the sequins on the evening dresses bring a touch of measured brightness, for a collection full of energy. to note: to boots, with their huge white soles and bags in rounded shapes. interview: cédric charlier: for this collection i started to create a silhouette that i had designed through pure, sportier lines, which allowed me to create a certain graphic touch, with lines, and with the stripes, which gave this extremely geometric aspect to the collection.i worked on materials that were essentially technical so the double sided jersey which are sometimes contrasted with the cracked leathers. this cracked leather that appeared to give a certain brightness to the collection, because the fabrics up until now are quite matte. and there are these aspects of brightness which appear on the leather and the sequins at the end which come to finish my collection.there is a certain simplicity with the fall of the clothes which is done by knitwear, the jumpers, the coats with trousers or the tops and the skirts and the dresses. the message is very clear, in any case i wanted a certain radicalism with the fall of the clothes. music from the show