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Marco de Vincenzo - Womenswear Show Autumn/Hiver 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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At marco de vincenzo the work on the fabrics is quite simply extraordinary. he plays with the materials creating new effects and new designs. the clothes are outlined with dashes of contrasted colours, just like the linings of the dresses and pleated skirts. nothing is left to chance. even the denim is reworked in new tones. the silhouette has become graphic with the play of stripes. the skirts are buttoned, and the lace is adorned with embroidery using a woollen thread forming new graphic designs. the plastic cabochons decorate the pea coats. the tube dresses in lurex wool illuminate the catwalk with their stripes. an ultra worked collection which confirms the creative talent of the young italian.interview : marco de vincenzo : my woman exists and now i know exactly what she is looking for, this season i tried to think about her wardrobe, trying to give to her not only special pieces but a way to wear all my clothes, it’s all about reality with something crazy with the colours with energy, but trying to be real, with a special coat possible with a simple cashmere dress on flat boots or sexy sandals it depends on what you need, it’s a very important collection for me. thinking about a real wardrobe i said ok what’s the black coat from marco de vincenzo, what’s my black dress? and i thought ok it’s black but it’s something electric, putting a silk ribbon in between the stitching, there’s an energy but without the need to embroider or print everything, it’s interesting because it’s the first time i work a lot on plain fabrics and it was very, very fun. music from the show