The famous international salon of Haute Horlogerie - SIHH - celebrates its 25th anniversary

It’s in the heart of the city of Geneva that the international salon of Haute Horlogerie – SIHH – takes place every year at the end of January for 5 days. This year, a party atmosphere exuded from the salon since they’re celebrating 25 years of existence. All the directors of the biggest 16 houses present also made the journey for this occasion, taking advantage to showcase their latest designs and technical prowess.Interviews: Bernard Fornas: Each jewel does carry a story many of them are very personal stories, they are even connected to personal experience, either something observed, or something I love, there’s a great deal of storytelling and mythology behind each piece. And so I think each piece you feel the spirit behind them and then you also feel the artisanship because I work with Florentine Goldsmiths, it’s very slow jewellery it’s not made in a commercial way, it’s made in a very old world fine jewellery tradition.Stanislas de Quercize: The timeless pieces are often icons of Chanel which are renewed year after year and it’s true that this time we wanted to do a collection to present our timeless pieces, a very light collection, very simple, very easy to wear a little bit of an introduction to haute jewellery, there are more and more people who are interested in jewellery so we wanted to reinterpret some of our iconic designs, our timeless pieces for a new clientele, where the clientele can be introduced to haute jewellery.Music free of rights : Bandit & Nikit

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