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Viktor&Rolf - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

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Guest members of the chambre syndicale de la haute couture, the dutch duo viktor horsting and rolf snoeren gave their definition of summer which is summarised into three elements : the straw hat, flip-flops and floral dresses. but it’s with the extravagance of the ability of the designers to experiment, dare and to give their own definition of the summertime clothes in a haute couture version. by working on just one fabric, which they printed, embroidered and transformed to create the new pieces which finish with intermingling flowers that grew beyond the dresses and hung off the straw hats. we recognised the touch of viktor&rolf through the play with volumes with the white under skirts which make the dresses even fuller or these bows which are found on the neck revealing the shoulders. to note: the work on the colours, from violet to burgundy, in passing by tones of orange and blues making us think about african fabrics in wax. interview: viktor horsting: it kind of started with the idea to do something with the quintessential summer outfit, a flower dress, flip flops and a straw hat, and then trying to make that surreal and to do something with that look that hasn’t been done before. it’s always the same print which is a wax print and we coloured it in different ways and the idea was to get from a flat surface into 3d, so to make a print come alive.rolf snoeren: the hats and the dresses organically morph so they become like one unity that is growing. couture is a laboratory for ideas and a place for experimentation. music from the show