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Rynshu - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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Rynshu celebrates their 30th year of design. for the occasion they chose the alien “little grey” as a symbol for their masculine collection. they mix their favourite themes seen in functional pieces to others with original prints. the materials and colours are comprised of shades of grey, white and gold, reminiscent of space and black holes. a nod to einstein through a print which is found on a shirt, and a jacket. the silhouette is straight, fitted and typical of the androgynous style of the label. the leather is one of the stand out materials in the collection. coming from japan, it is produced by only one person in the world, wearing it like a second skin, and taking a glossy appearance. and to finish, the jacquard bringing a shiny touch to the trouser suits.interview (in japanese) :rynshu : it’s my thirtieth year of being a designer and this year i wanted to mark a change, as i think that today we are asking questions about what is normal, like einstein’s theory, which is being brought into question, and also what is a masculine style and because of that, i created this collection around the character “the little grey”.the key pieces, the key fabrics in this collection, is the leather, especially an extremely fine black leather, which is coated and punctured to replicate like a glossy lace on the leather, there is no one in the world other than japan who produces this leather and i could use it to create the pieces in this collection.yes it’s also our era that mixes genres and we see for example that the length of a dress for a woman is becoming like the length of a men’s coat for example so it’s good to find a good balance by putting masculine and feminine pieces together in this collection.music from the show