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Vivienne Westwood - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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Vivienne westwood pays hommage to prince charles, to his style and also his sincere commitment to environmental causes. it is an authentic source of inspiration for this masculine collection surrounding a mix and match of tweeds, checked prints, diamonds, and impeccably cut suits. unisex style is another theme, developed through interchangeable male and female pieces. casual knitwear is worn relaxed, loose, and occasionally used! printed styles add a touch of fantasy appropriate for this label. here, everything is equally a question of style and attitude, with a want for large, roomy clothes. to note: trousers that deceptively look unbuttoned, and the return of wide flared collars which can also be tied around the neck, the large knitted gilets that are worn on the skin and handbags for men. for eveningwear, jacket collars are in sleek velour and separate the brocades.interview: andreas kronthaler : prince charles, i think he stood as patron for this collection simply because, he’s a very admirable man and vivienne and so am i are very fond of him, i really like his dress sense his clothing, he’s very traditional, old english gentleman’s way of dressing.vivienne westwood :i’ve been a big fan of prince charles for a long time, and i have spoken with him, and even tried to help him sometimes with getting support for his projects for save the rainforest, i helped him get lots of signatures for that. andreas kronthaler :i find him extremely inspiring, always correct, always dressed for the occasion, always. so we have these quite heavy double breasted jackets, we have some princess lines as well which is a volume which flares a little on the bottom a little bit, it’s where the jackets have a little bit of a skirt feeling to it, very traditionally english, they nip in on the high waist, show off the back quite nicely but then they swagger a little, i think it’s very, very british, yes. but i think the message overall is what we have been promoting for years, you know: buy less, choose well, make it last. music from the fashion show