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Anthony Vaccarello - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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Leather opened the show at anthony vaccarello, for the first day of paris fashion week. the first looks took the essence/iconic features of the label, with sharp cuts and exuded sensuality. plunging, asymmetrical skirts revealed the legs and were found throughout the collection. a transparent blouse in navy stripes brought a certain sensuality, and metallic details featured at the low v necks on the dresses as well as hooks on the hips of the skirts. black and white reinforced the rigidity of the cuts. like a news print, the designer used his initials on the outfits featured in contrasting materials. the vaccarello woman was free and easy with a strong sensuality, in a collection which has a marine yet urban theme and strong personality. interview: caroline de maigret : anthony vaccarello, has created a parisian who’s free, independent...strong, and full of attractive features. for me, i loved the navy parts of the collection, i thought it was very beautiful, with all the stripes in blue and white, black and white, and also the cuts were fantastic, i loved so much of it, there were blouses, and they showed off the décolletage, without being too exposed, it’s all down to the art of anthony who makes these sharp but sexy cuts. lou doillon: i think he has his own elegance, there’s a kind of strength, there’s something chic, in the way that it’s provocative, the strength you could say is in the line, and that really touches me, there’s a love for the woman that is absolutely clear with the areas of the body shown, if i can say that, they’re the places that girls really like to show off. there’s a huge respect for the woman, and yes you could say a form of worship...almost and a kind of warrior woman, she’s very modern and more courageous than any of us, and it’s because of the clothes, it can disguise her, there’s a mood about her, about her name, there’s a streetwear side that’s not normally her type of thing, so it’s brave, i’m delighted, i’m like a kind of old godmother who’s overjoyed. music from the show.