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Rynshu - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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The rynshu collection honours the aquatic universe and idyllic setting of the maldives. photographs of the archipelago and sand (shaped like little pebbles) make up the key prints of this summer wardrobe that plays with transparence and lightness. these feelings are produced by ultra thin, pierced leather which is sometimes combined with lace, and by fluid silk shirts or jackets embroidered with coloured ribbons on a base of tulle, replicating a fish scale effect. an absence of collars or lapels bestows even more freedom to the clothes. the numerous zips are open or closed at will and give structure to the baggy trousers or mustard jackets. shirts are adorned with tone on tone ribbons or covered in stripy themes. this is a unisex collection that removes genders from their boxes through its main motto ‘happy mind!’ rynshu: my inspiration comes from a trip that i took to the maldives, so it’s a state of mind of being happy, simply just being happy on holiday. in the maldives i was impressed by the colour of the ocean and the colour of the fish and i wanted to reproduce this with the materials by making them as light as possible. you get the impression that they’re pebbles but it’s actually a photo of sand that i took myself; i changed the colour so that it was grey and made them bigger, so that now you really would think it was pebbles. for this collection i created this fabric which is a very light white tulle and which is embroidered with gradually shaded thread in a way that really gives this impression of multi-coloured fish scales, of tropical fish. what i also wanted to depict here is this desire when you’re on holiday in the islands to wear what you want, you don’t care, you match things however you want, i wanted to keep this kind of spirit in the collection. you can wear everything with everything, there are no rules. what is important however are the sunglasses. music from the show