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Dolce & Gabbana - Men Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan

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The red, red runway gives you a taste of the colour palette! domenico dolce and stefano gabbana revisit spain and its bullfighters mixed with the ever-present sicilian side! one way to remember spanish domination of the island and its cultural influence. on the catwalk, we discover a whole variety of cropped bullfighter jackets, produced in various different colours and embroidered with black trimmings, break with gold arenas. the entire collection is inspired by the world of bullfighting, from its colours to its motifs, like the images of bulls, symbol of the collection, printed on tops. in the midst of these ceremonial outfits, we encounter a sartorial element on tight-fitting, streamline suits, devised in satin-smooth, tailored shantungs dominated by polka dots, heralding the new proportions of the clothes and new standout silhouette for summer 2015. and to draw this fiesta to a close: a finale composed entirely of red suits that jump right out at you!music from the show