Do you know Gaia? Meet Gaia Trussardi, the new face of Trussardi…

Do you know Gaia? This is a key question faced by journalists and it is Gaia herself, on passing through Paris, who agrees to answer openly and honestly. Aged 33, the granddaughter of Dante Trussardi, founder of the Italian label, took over the reigns as artistic director of all the men and women’s prêt-à-porter lines barely a year ago. Without feeling even slightly overwhelmed, keeping her feet firmly on the ground and with her unfaltering smile, Gaia Trussardi uses the enthusiasm of her youth to continue to reinforce the evolution of this independent house which remains entirely in family hands.Interview:Gaia Trussardi:In Italy especially and maybe even in France, when you are my age you are still considered young but in Anglo-Saxon countries, you are already a woman who is supposed to have done a lot and I think in my life I have absorbed a lot of the DNA of Trussardi as if it is part of me so it is definitely imprinted in me and what I have gathered from it is that the tradition, the culture, the essence of the history and the roots is translated into a more emotional inspiration rather than literal didascalic elements of tradition. It is just a sense of belonging to something that is endless, that is always there and that is immortal and is something that you have to translate into your style.I didn’t immediately want to start working in the family company because I wanted to have my own experience and I didn’t want to be thought of as the daughter who starts in the family company and it is very easy, so I worked elsewhere for a little bit and then I naturally went back to the company but I did all the steps in a very humble way to get where I am after ten years of being in the company. But when I was a kid, I never thought that I would work in the family business.What I want to do is to really bring out the projectable, innovative element which has always been a part of the Trussardi DNA and the winning side of this brand is that balance of elegance, that sense of timelessness done in the traditional way with the element of innovation or an ironic twist of power, velocity, speed and everything to do with the greyhound because the greyhound character is the perfect personification of the brand.Actually that is now my main motivation, to keep this company alive and fresh and to make it stronger, to create strong brand awareness like it was in the 80s.Music free of right : Nikit & Bandit - 2012

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