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Exhibition: Dries Van Noten - Inspirations in Paris

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Belgian designer dries van noten’s work is the subject of an exhibition at the museum of decorative arts in paris, entitled inspirations. here is a real invitation to explore the mind and imagination of the designer, from his diverse sources of inspiration to works of art which have touched him and left their mark. real paintings by francis bacon, picasso or bronzino loaned by museums from around the world and noteworthy clothes rising from the archives – notably dior’s first bar suit – are echoed in numerous dries designs. a maiden voyage, where the designer does not appear in any photo or biography, but through this we uncover many of his passions and his craft as a fashion designer for which we have so much love…dries van noten – inspirations. from 1st march to 31st august 2014. les arts décoratifs – 107, rue rivoli, 75001, paris.interviews:pamela golbin this exhibition is actually an extremely intimate portrait, we don’t see the face of dries but we recognise his trademarks as he mixes both geography and time in an amazing way.dries van noten : i am someone who really respects the past. i think there is no point in only looking towards the future but i love making clothes for today and tomorrow but always with respect for tradition.pamela golbin : from the start, we said that we couldn’t exhibit a reproduction of the artwork because it is the pieces themselves that acted as a starting point, and so everything that you see in this exhibition, whether it be films, images, photographs or works like the christian dior bar suit from 1946, these are the real thing, because it is in this reality that dries weaves and then creates his own collections.dries van noten : i don’t feel that it is always necessary to travel in the country of inspiration. on the contrary, often i feel more inspired by a photo than by a journey.pamela golbin : he loves to create and to imagine places. whether it’s the orient, india, spain or mexico, these are the places that he imagines.pamela goblin : he was involved in every aspect of this exhibition, particularly the stage design, as if we are moving from room to room in somebody’s house, even dries’ house.whilst working together, we really were touched that he used our collections as a starting point for both the men’s and women’s spring/summer 2014 collections.dries van noten : often, a fabric is so beautiful that i almost don’t dare cut it, which is why i often make pareo skirts or wraparound skirts, because the piece of material is in its simplest form…music free of right : bandit & nikit-2012