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Jean-Paul Gaultier - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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Jean-paul gaultier’s autumn/winter 2014/15 collection was influenced by the film gravity, which was even reflected in the communist party’s futuristic space in the heart of paris where the fashion show was held. under the dome, all types of families marched down the runway together, all ages mixed together. tailoring, jackets, coats, trenches, a bit of silvered wool, there was something for everyone’s wardrobe. the punk family walked in tartan kilts and the british family wore a jacket and skirt emblazoned with a crown and a union jack and trousers with multiple zips. transparent nylon khaki was used as an outside lining and for platform sandals with a plexi glass heel. the collection was a true love song to london, a city loved by the designer, and where he will open his exhibition next april. at the end of the show, jean paul gaultier went out in an astronaut costume, with one of his favourite air hostesses, bianca li. interview : jean-paul gaultier :this collection is based on space, so on one side its a little bit hospital-esque, whilst at the same time being a uniform, a space uniform. this khaki is for me a bit more like the same khaki that i used some years ago. so, this means that i am saying it would be magnificent there; it’s exactly the light and the colour and everything which corresponds to the collection. the theme for the fashion show is “the english in space”, so i have imagined that our friends the english are in space, and it’s the way i want it to be. so, in fact there is a mix outer space and spacey; and then there is the very british element. there are also family’s, punk family’s, the royal family, different families like the one’s i just mentioned. you find a kilt, tartan, even a union jack but i have dealt with them in a very different way; i have covered them in down, with coloured plumes which create the union jack, also with emblems in velvet which make up a union jack. you also find classic clothes, but elements of them have been made transparent which is very futuristic. so there are transparent effects which are superimposed on to the clothes, lots of zips, there are a ton of zips. it was an old photo of avedon from the 60’s which gave me the idea for this collection. there was an elegant woman, i don’t know if she was an astronaut but in any case she was very chic. the collection is really based on this idea.the inspiration was a bit “gravity”, and after seeing this film, which i thought was really great i said that i want to do something in space, and so the idea of weightlessness in the materials came about. this was reflected in the shoes and so they had transparent soles and heels which give the effect that the woman wearing them are floating.music from the fashion show