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Marco de Vincenzo - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Milan (with itw)

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Marco de vincenzo secures his place as the new emerging designer, proven by the presence of the president of fendi and berluti on the front row, encouraging the future development of this young label, and an imminent participation with lvmh (it should be announced today...) on the runway, we are mesmerised by optical effects and graphic plays executed on the materials. lurex brightens up checked patterns whilst faded lamé glamorizes suits. pleated skirts sway in time with the body. transparency and perforations allow us a glimpse of the multiple layers of materials that make up an outfit. the attention to detail deserves full credit, especially up close where you can examine the lapels of a fur studded coat that create an unexpected scale effect. marco de vincenzo focuses on working on materials which he manipulates in every way possible. this freshness, energy and style create a strong identity, bringing a breath of fresh air to italian fashion week. interview:marco de vincenzo :i never start designing before seeing the materials and fabrics because that is my obsession together with an attraction for optical effects and illusions. i try to make different fabrics that i find and something is always happening on a dress or a coat, you don’t understand immediately what it is. the materials are functional to the shape of the dresses and of the collection.it is important for a young designer to be recognisable and someone said in front of this collection ‘it is by de vincenzo’ which was surprising for me and it is important because you need time to understand what you are and what your own fashion vision is.all around, the atmosphere is changing and italy understands that we need a new generation of designers and after england and the usa, italy now understands that it is here and present and we need the support of everyone and the fashion industry.pietro beccari:today, we have seen a true demonstration of marco’s talent and i think we will hear his name being spoken everywhere. he works in my studio and we have worked together for the past two years. there is also an element of attachment and i hope that i can follow in his footsteps…music from the fashion show