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Rynshu - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (with itw)

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At the westin hotel rynshu presented his vision of elegance, which joined together both masculine and femininity. jackets were a vital organ in this wardrobe, fitted, pleated, short, long, embroidered in black pearls, with zipped sleeves, appearing to have been dubbed in aqua marine, red and gold silk. the very slim trousers were inspired by the punk rock attitude: torn at the leg, worn with big studded boots. throughout the show, the pieces were paired with jacquard bordered in silver and gold thread and wool was embroidered with white flowers. the luxury of an ultra supple grey cashmere gave chicness to a cape which floated in the wind. with this collection, the japanese designer revisited tailoring with his own very personal touch, always mixing rock with androgyny. interview :rynshu : it’s truly a desire to reduce the difference between men and women, through tailoring and very refined techniques.there are 48 zips on these trousers; they are made of very stretchy polyester.we can truly wear them in different ways, putting colours underneath for example.on one hand there are very rock elements, for example the big shoes which can be worn in a place like this, the westin hotel, without looking out of place. on the other hand they can be worn with quite classical silhouettes.music from the show