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Chaumet presents its collection of High Jewellery around the Hortensia

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During paris fashion week, chaumet decided to present its new collection of high jewellery, the first designed by the artistic director claire devé rakoff. the house, owned by lvmh has found its trademark flower, the hortensia, which blossoms on 24 unique pieces in three different colours; powder pink, blue and red. interview thierry fritsch : chaumet has always had flowers but it has never had its own flower, like other houses, who have their own iconic flower. we wanted to choose one and to work that throughout the collection. claire dévé-rakoff : there are 90 variations of the hortensia and what is extraordinary about the hortensia is its variety of colours and its variety of shapes and the way in which the flowers are sometimes hung effectively, so it’s a flower which can be really manipulated, which can be very soft like the powder pink theme in the collection, or much more modern like when it is coloured blue, decorated with diamonds, with lapis lazuli which is more structured. what we wanted to see initially was the universe of the flower and to feel its delicacy across all the jewellery, which moves and is articulated and supple and there is a real lightness to it also. thierry fritsch : clients are becoming predominantly female clients; in the world today, there is an emergence of the female buyer, that is to say women who buy things for themselves and indulge themselves, so inevitably like with fashion, this forces a creativity, a sensibility which is more feminine and claire devé knew exactly how to capture that. music free of right - bandit & nikit - 2012