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Anthony Vaccarello Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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Young women love anthony vaccarello, because he has the talent to show them off, across his silhouettes with sharpened and sexy cuts. for summer 2014, the designer one again showcases the body with bustier dresses and mini-skirts all sharply cut to show off the legs. metallic tailpieces decorate this wardrobe and light up the marine blue, black and ecru which are the principle colours in the collection. urban and sporty, this ultra short, body-hugging wardrobe displays sheer nerve and character… vaccarello : this is a sharper, more assumed, more graphic cut. yes, it’s more graphic and it plays with the skin as if it is a fabric, so when you see the clothes being worn, you cannot tell exactly what is skin and what part of the clothes. the inspiration comes from a bathing suit and how to wear a bathing suit in the city, how to make it more urban, more uniform, and i was interested in everything uniform, everything that is slightly maritime and so that means this idea of tailpieces comes to embellish this side. no, i have never used prints before, so this is the first time. i wanted to do something fresh, something urban and something accessible because i find that jeans are worn by everybody so i introduced jeans into my collection. there is a very urban side, with a hint of sportwear, but not entirely because sportswear combined with lace even in colours, like blue, white and red, have a slight sporty side, but i hope that i have treated it very differently to what you would usually see. 15 models final music from the show