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Cedric Charlier Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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There is a zen and japanese feeling at the show of cédric charlier, a rising star in the new wave of belgian designers. with a palette of blue, black and ecru, the designer envelopes and drapes his kimono jackets, dresses tied at the side and split skirts. trousers are worn short and extra large, but without hampering the silhouette. touches of brilliance light up the finale with bustier dresses or tops embroidered with metallic sequins. this stiff cut and tailoring is softened throughout the course of the show through stripy ensembles with hints of transparency and certain artistic traits. cédric charlier follows his instincts with a minimalist aesthetic and a very sharp fashion sense… cedric charlier: more than a japanese feeling, i speak about martial seduction as a discipline and so that is why you can perhaps recognise certain references but i adapt these through the cut as i layer and i fold at certain times, like folding an envelope. and that is what gives the tone to the collection. i have left behind the idea of solid concepts and so there is a graphic contrast because i mixed the colours; i have departed from a range of night-time colours which is contrasted by these ecru colours and i bring in accents and flashes of brilliance towards the end. i thought of returning to a minimal geometry, that was a deep desire of mine. music from the show