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Marco de Vincenzo - Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Milan (with interview)

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As one of the youngest designers involved in milan fashion week, marco de vincenzo succeeds in creating a memorable and, henceforth, unmissable runway show. each season brings a bundle of new inspiration and we love to see the designer’s work on the materials and his research into new shapes and volumes. for summer 2014, marco focuses on the surface of the fabrics, which he perforates, embroiders and folds. furthermore, sunray pleats appear multiple times in this collection but they are light and bright. macramé is used on polo shirts and shift-dresses creating a sportswear spirit. this feeling is present across sweatshirts, precious t-shirts and even on sleeveless parkers and hooded jackets. as well as cutting fabrics, adding metallic eyelets and creating new prints, the designer plays with colours, passing from dark shades to copper tones, to create a moving effect. in short, we have a new silhouette, highly sought-after and full of freshness. with anna wintour in the front row, marco de vincenzo seems to soar to a new road success... interview marco de vincenzo: my starting point is always something about matter and fabrics; it’s important for me to alter the face of a fabric and create something different. sometimes you look at a dress and you don’t understand immediately what it is. it’s a big work on the surface, to create dresses that are quite simple because the shapes have to be something that a woman can recognize easily, so we are talking about shirts, skirts, t-shirts and jackets. my experiment is much more about fabrics than volumes and shapes because i think ‘contemporary’ means something easy-to-wear. i am looking for my style and i want a woman to recognize my style and give the final interpretation of my style. music from the show