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Gaultier Paris - Autumn Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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Always anticipate and surprising, jean-paul gaultier creates a collection which is both feline and clown-like ! on the podium, he reinterprets the style of a white clown, of which we find in the details of pockets, on hips, and of rounded shoulders; all reminiscent of the look from david bowie’s “ashes to ashes”. the second inspritation is feline et this is translates in the first passages, perfecting the embroidered panther in swarovski crystals, then a feathered coat and an evening dress, pushing the detail even to printed hair.. nabilla, a new star of reality tv, plays the temptress in a tiger dress. as for the bride, a white clown, she is the finale of the ‘very gaultier’ collection. music from the fashion show interview jean-paul gaultier: yes well, so it’s to do with panthers, marked on shoes, tights, on clothes, on jacquard, and on swarovski as well, all in crystal. and then it’s a little bit like in ashes to ashes by david bowie where there is a clip where there is a white clown, i always liked clown costumes and so that inspired me as well, it’s this part which mixes with the panther as well. so, what is a clown dress? well, the shoulders of white clowns are very large, but i wanted to interpret them in an open way, a bit like hearts, with this roundness, rather that pointed. then, there curves, curves on the hips, but sometimes very exaggerated. i got rid of the points in favour of roundness. catherine deneuve: clowns, panthers, yes, he is the only one with the power to really mix such different things, but as he is very sincere in relation to that, in relation to himself, it works because nothing is plastered on to something else, or in the spirit of something, it’s that, his great strength, it’s that he has an unbelievable personality. nabilla benattia: jean-paul said to me to stay myself for this catwalk, because well it’s like that that i love you, it’s like that that people love you, don’t try and act like a model or whatever it may be, be nabilla and everything will go well.