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Schiaparelli - Presentation - Autumn Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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At the museum of decorative arts in paris, schiaparelli, home of diego della valle, was officially reborn during this haute couture fashion week accessing a presentation of sketches and the 18 models designed by christian lacroix, the first couturier invited by farida khelfa, the ambassador of the house. each model wore a name beginning with the s of schiaparelli, like a signature, a souvenir, shocking, a secret… lesage who has archives of all the embroideries of the great italian couturier who died in 1973 , really helped his godson, christian lacroix, and creates again all of the embroideries of this collection right up to the iconic iron ‘lobster’ wire headdress! the references of the “schiap” (pronounced skap) have been omnipresent and brought to date by the silhouettes of christian lacroix, who worked on details right up to posing real beetles… interview farida khelfa : the concept is in fact that schiaparelli each year invites an artist to create something with them, inspired by schiaparelli. so this year we decided to start with a guest and it so happens to be christian lacroix. it was found that schiap introduced all the codes of fashion, that is to say that the fashion codes were made by schiap, for example printed paper, camouflage, exposed zips, butterflies, she did everything before anybody else. so it was difficult to achieve after such a strong and important character in fashion. christian lacroix : when i was very, very young, i discovered some pictures of her, which were taken in the war in 1940. she made a collection in the spring of '40, called 'cash and carry' that is to say how to leave your home when there is a bombing, putting everything in deep pockets and, i remember a jumpsuit created to go down to the cellar, down to the shelter. and it was called "keeping alert" so i said to myself: how can we be as great as to make the war elegant? that's why the first two marine black pieces i’ve seen from her are also here today. i was really, really happy to come in these conditions because ok, it is about fashion, but it's mostly a tribute, that’s to say that it’s something of a museum at the same time, i thought i was making the costumes for an opera or a play that spoke of schiaparelli . in addition we are here today and we are speaking in the room where i stopped couture exactly 4 years ago, that’s a sign because it’s almost luck…