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Trussardi Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

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The trussardi summer collection signifies a return to the spotlight for gaia trussardi, granddaughter of the founder of the brand, dante trussardi. being the true signature of the italian house, leather becomes the central element with the wardrobe composed of 70 % by the material alone. a trip to the desert is the pretext for a light and casual look consisting of shorts, drawstring trousers; jackets and shirts with zips, to windbreakers and long parkas to protect themselves from sandstorms. also there is a relaxed aspect with the crumpled linen suits, while even the leather adheres to this relaxed look. shirt, half-tucked into pants, the trussardi man has a knack to stay stylish at all times. gaia trussardi : the idea is the desert. the desert is an atmosphere, the sense of freedom and open space, where this man who is very masculine and adventurous can really express both his masculinity and his intrinsic elegance. trussardi man has always been sporty and elegant, casually elegant. so most importantly the idea of lightness, the idea of openness reflected in the lightness of the fabrics, which are all deconstructed and very impalpable, beautifully coloured in the colours of the desert, from the morning to the evening. the leather is very important as always, the game is this mix of leather and other fabrics and you don’t really realize at one point what is leather and what is not leather because it is so soft and light that you can almost confuse it with the fabric. i think its very important to be coherent nowadays you cannot play around with different styles and trends every season, you have to be really clear with your dna and with the image you want to give and stick to it. music from fashion show